Pillow Swap {South Jordan Modern Quilt Guild}

Last night at the Modern Quilt Guild we had a pillow swap. The rule was, make an 18" modern pillow, I guess we were supposed to use a solid color but somehow we missed that part. ;)
Kathleen and I made matching pillows using a little bit of Hometown by Sweetwater. I love them, I really want to make a couple more to go on my red couch, they'd look so cute wouldn't they!
This darling dresden pillow is the one that I ended up with. I love it! I love dresdens and happy colors. I think that Jamie actually made both of our pillows. Thanks Jamie!
Kathleen came home with this super cute aqua pear pillow. I love it, I think she should leave it in the studio for me to admire all day every day. ;)

Making the pillows was actually really fun, Kathleen taught me  how to insert a zipper in a pillow and I might say, if I had all day every day to sew for myself I could totally get addicted to making pillows.

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  1. They are all adorable!! The pear is really unique, I think you should keep it in the studio also!! ;) Hmmm, maybe a zipper tutorial in the future??

  2. Great pillows - the ones you made and the ones you received! I'm working on one for a swap right now - so fun!

  3. I would LOVE a tutorial on how to put a zipper in a pillow - this scares me to death!

  4. I totally wanted to come. I have meetings on Tuesday nights already, makes me so sad. Hoping to get there sometime...

  5. Cute pillows! I love them all!
    My SIL , D. Petitt lives in S Jordan. But I don't think she has the quilting bug yet. She does just about everything else though!

  6. I LOVE those pillows! All of them are awesome!

    Would love to see a tutorial of the zipper in a pillow. Please share. ;-)


  7. I am so jealous of the Hometown by Sweetwater fabric, I want some sooo bad!!!!! I know, I just need to be patient and wait for it to be released but I do love seeing it in blogland here and there. Your pillows are beautiful!

  8. Thanks for the email. :) I can't wait for the tute.

  9. Hey Natalia, do you know if there is an email list I could join to get info about the So. Jordan Modern Quilt Guild? BTW, the baby blanket looks perfect – all bound and ready to ship off to my friend. Thanks for the beautiful quilting job!


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