Spider Web Star Quilt Block {VIB's block exchange}

Megan's month in my VIB's group is June. Her idea for this month was modern patriotic with the Red and Aqua theme. She sent us a bunch of red and aqua pieces of fabric.

I've always wanted to  make one of these spiderweb blocks but I couldn't find a tutorial so I just made up my own, I'm sure there are much easier ways to make this block but here is how I did it. :)
I laid all of the fabric pieces on top of each other.
Then I chopped them up into strips.
I sewed those strips together in random order and size.
Then I used these templates and cut those strips into pieces.
Four pieces from template B.
and four pieces from template A.
and four white pieces from template C.
Then I started sewing, I sewed the four pieces to the left sides of the white blocks.
and then sewed the other strip pieces to the right sides of those four white pieces.
Then I sewed those pieces in sections into two sections.
And then all together into one super cute spider web star block.
But.... Because of the sizes of the pieces of fabric that I had I needed to add borders to make the block 16"x16", instead of 10"x10" like I had.
Here is how the block turned out, super cute and I'm pretty sure I didn't waste a single piece of fabric :)

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  1. Super cute!!! I just got my fabric in the mail yesterday. You are so fast!!

  2. Love the colors -could be a Christmas star! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cute! Who couldn't love red and aqua together?

    Nice little tutorial. I've seen a few tutorials out there and the only one I've ever found was I believe on Bonnie Hunter's website.

  4. This is beautiful! I'm curious how they will look together with other blocks. The "spiderweb" part is formed as a secondary pattern when the blocks are assembled. I'm particularly interested as I have made a bunch of blocks and my star points are not even close to matching up. Toni

  5. Adore the block and thanks so much for the tutorial.
    Patti xxx

  6. Gorgeous! I really must try this!

    Cheers, Linda


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