I'm super excited about life right now.

There are a few reasons.
1- Yesterday my sweet friend Amy received an advance copy of her new book and she let me check it all out. I think she has done an amazing job with this book and I can't wait to get my hands on my own copy!

2- Next week is the Be Mine Blog tour. I'm super excited about this fun blog tour. Vickie Eapen has arranged this fun blog tour and she has arranged some fabulous prizes that you won't want to miss!

Be Mine Blog Tour "

3- I got all the details yesterday about this yummy progressive dinner that I get to be a part of!
4- Kathleens' quilt is finished and the voting has begun. Follow this link to go and vote for her AMAZING quilt.

5- I get to host a trunk show this Saturday from 2-5pm @ Seasons of Home in Midway, UT. If you are in Utah you should come visit me! It'll be lots of fun, and I think they are going to have treats!

6- Next Tuesday the block of the week that I am hosting along with Seasons of Home begins. You have until Tuesday morning to sign up! (contact me for more info)

I think that's enough to be super excited about right now!
Hope you have a happy day!

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  1. Kathleen's quilt is awesome - truly the best quilt in the batch!

    Angie - www.craftedAngles.com

  2. I feel the same way.It's going to be a great month :)

  3. Voted & will continue to do so...
    It is just Beautiful!!!
    Is there a way to track who has the most votes?? : )

  4. I am so excited for you and for the rest of us for that matter!! Looks like there is a lot of fun coming our way!! I also tried your "swirl" free motion yesterday and love the way it came out. You know what they say, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, tee hee hee :)

  5. It is very exciting. I'm also waiting for Amy's book, it looks fabulous.

    Kathleens quilt is amazing, I so hope she wins.

  6. OOoooo- that book looks fabulous! Great preview pics on Amazon. I am also VERY excited about the Blog Hops. I am new to quilting and you bloggers amaze and inspire me. THANK YOU~

  7. Wow - your world is rocking Natalia! You deserve all the kudo you get!

  8. Those are great reasons to be lovin' life! That book looks fabulous...especially for this momma on a serious budget. ;)

    Can't wait to see all the fun things going on here.

  9. I've voted for Kathleen's quilt. It's gorgeous!! Is there a pattern available for it?


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