Let the voting begin!

It looks like the voting has officially begun!
Head over to McCalls Quilt Design Star Contest and vote for Kathleen.
You can vote once per day per computer. 
Thank you all for voting for her. She really has worked hard to create this beautiful quilt.
Feel free to share this image on your blogs, facebook, twitter and where ever else you'd like! :)

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  1. Thanks for leaving the direct link. I voted for this beautiful quilt :-)

  2. She has the most votes right now :D
    I like hers the best.

  3. I looked at all eight and Kathleen's is far and away the best, in my opinion. I voted for hers.

  4. I looked at all the other contestants, and although there are some really nice ones, I really do like Kathleen's the best! Im sure the photographer had something to do with it. :)Good Luck!

  5. Extraordinary talent:) I have voted:)

  6. This is a lovely quilt, and definitely my favourite out of the bunch ;)

  7. Hers is def the best.. I voted right away!

  8. The quilt is spectacular! What did she use for the litte white balls? I can't tell. Your quilting is amazing!! Great job to you both.


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