Machine Quilting - Baby Quilts

I've machine quilted a few darling baby quilts recently. 
Thought I'd share just how darling they are.
I thought that this one turned out super cute. Those little applique monkeys are just darling!
This one is super soft, it's minky squares on the top and the backing is also minky.
and this simple baby boy quilt made by Cori., super duper cute!


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  1. I'm going to have to try the minky. It always feel like it would make a wonderful baby quilt. Does it last? I'm always afraid it will pill or wear out quickly. Do you use batting of any kind?

  2. Very cute...what pattern did you use on the bottom picture? I like that.

  3. That baby quilt with the bears is soooo cute! Love it!

  4. I love the one with the bears on it as well.. A..D..O..R..A..B..L..E

  5. Oh my, they are all darling! I love how you do the circle quilting. They are so even and round. Mine always end up like tear drops with a point on one end! Practice practice practice!


  6. Love the bears - pretty colors and precious face

    natalia - thank you for emailing me the hugs template - much appreciated

    and I voted (again) !!!

  7. Natalia,
    I tried your recipe for White Chicken Chili last night for dinner. It was a huge hit! I loved it. My husband couldn't say enough about it and even took some for lunch today. Thank you for sharing it.
    Keep sharing your creativity too.

  8. And here I was thinking those were bears. Cute.


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