It's for the Birds

Last summer my mom (Kathleen) read about a design Challenge in McCalls Quilting magazine. 
She thought it sounded like a fun idea so she entered one of her original designs. Daisies and Lattice. 
She made it through the first round with that design and onto the second round.
In the second round she was given the challenge to make a quilt using only two different blocks. 
She designed, Bed of Tulips.
She made it through the second round with that design and was onto the third round.
In the third round she was given a stack of Robert Kauffman Batiks and given the challenge to design a quilt using a noticeable amount of each of the batiks.
She designed Merry Sunshine from those batiks. 
She made it through that round and onto the final challenge. The final challenge was to design and make a quilt that is inspired by her original entry. 
She was ecstatic with this challenge. 
She designed "It's for the Birds".
I think she did an awesome job in this contest. It's been fun to watch her create such beautiful quilts. 
This contest is a voter based competition. Kathleen would love your support by voting for her final quilt. To vote simply click here and then vote.
The contest ends next week.

Good luck and congratulations on making it this far in the contest to Kathleen!

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  1. All of your Mom's quilt are amazing, I hope she wins.

  2. Your mom is so creative and does such beautiful designing, I can see you inherited her gift. I sure hope she wins.


  3. I love her quilts, this last one is just stunning. I've been voting every day. Thanks for FB'ing a reminder!

  4. I already voted for her and didn't even know she is your mother. That quilt is spectacular!

  5. I voted for her quilt. I looked through all of the quilts & do think her's is the best of the bunch. It is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Your Mom is very talented and creative. It's been fun voting every day. I hope she does well.

  7. What amazing quilts.
    Amazing designs.
    Amazing quilting.
    An Amazing amount of work!

    Great Job!

  8. Your mom's quilts are awesome!! I have already voted for her! She is a favorite to win!!

  9. Your mom's quilts are beautiful and she has my vote...just amazing!

  10. Wow! I started following your blog sometime back when 'Merry Sunshine' was in the voting phase. It's really cool to see the all of the quilts. What a talented family :0) wonderful work! Sarah

  11. Your mom's quilt designs are just gorgeous and I've been voting for her. I hope she does well.

  12. I voted because (a) she is your mother but (b) more importantly, her is BY FAR the best! Amazing quilt!!!

  13. I 'heart' this quilt! And I have voted for it many many times. I hope to someday see this quilt in a pattern so that I can make one for myself. Amazing quilting, Natalia. You are sew very talented.

  14. I voted for her! And I looked through the other finalists' quilts, your mom's is by far my favorite! I wishi had an ounce of the talent that runs in your family!

  15. What a stunning quilt - I wonder will they off the pattern when the judging is all done - Congratulations Kathleen!

  16. Oops you'd think after all these years I would remember to proof read - offer the pattern!! Goodness sorry about that!

  17. Hands down, this quilt is a winner. All of her quilts have been superb, but this one is the very best!! It's been fun watching the progress of the contest. You mom is amazing. ~karen

  18. Wow! Unbelievably beautiful quilts! I would have to say some very creative talent! And it looks like you take after your mom ;) ~ Kathleen, your quilts are beautiful!! Good luck!!

  19. Red birds have been a favorite with out family for many years. We are fortunate to live where they are prolific. My grandmother was forever feeding them. Long ago while my grandmother was still alive, my immediate family would put a small red bird ornament on our Christmas tree and call it "Mammy" for my grandmother. The quilt that your mother has designed reminds me of so many fond memories of Mammy. The design is fabulous. After viewing the other very nice quilts in the competition, I really think Kathleen's quilt is the most stunning. It is very different from the others. In my opinion it shows a higher level of creativity. I would be VERY surprised if the quilt did not win.


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