Baby Boy Quilt

I machine quilted this darling baby boy quilt last week for my sweet customer Tracey
I love the colors. I especially love the brown sashing.
You can check out more of Tracey's darling work over on her blog.

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  1. It looks Great! I like that each block has good contrast--I saw some quilts (they were samples for a fabric line) online today that were all mushy, you couldn't tell the fabrics apart because they weren't arranged with contrast.

  2. this is so cute! I need to make my boy a quilt. I'm glad to see it can be done, and done well!

  3. that is an adorable boy quilt, and beautiful quilting as always!

  4. beautiful! i love the colors. and funnily enough, i just quilted a quilt almost identical(pattern not fabric) today too

  5. We love it. :) And the quilting was great too!

    Now I just need to get the binding on.

    (I looked for your bake shop tutorial... is it coming soon?)


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