Do You Lay Awake at Night?

Do you lay awake at night like I do?
I swear I have a problem......
Last night was the second night this week, and it's only the 3rd night of the week, that I laid awake for a few hours thinking about quilting, sewing, this blog and my website.
Is it bad that I lay there so long, that I have to get up and take a sleeping pill?
Am I weird?
These are a couple of quilts that I've machine quilted this week. 
They are both darling! 
I love my job.... I just wish I didn't think about it 24 hours a day!

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  1. I have the same problem! No sleeping pills thou - there's so much to think about, I try making lists so that I don't have to focus on remembering.

    Those are beautiful quilts!!

  2. Love the quilts. YES to the lay awake nights, last night was one of them. Sometimes my brain won't shut off for some reason I don't take sleeping pills but I am a bit grumpy the next day, and yes I think about quilts and a zillion other things.

  3. Yes, I think too much too, so I read myself to sleep.
    I have to shut down my brain, so fiction is good.
    Even when I turn off the light, my brain wakes up, so I think about designs and make pictures of ideas in my head and fall asleep that way. I never think about what I need to do or didn't do, that will stress me and wake me up.


  4. YES, YES! I have so many ideas of things I want to create and quilts I want to make to send to you to quilt! :) I love the figgy you just quilted - that may inspire my second figgy quilt; I'm going to a retreat this weekend where I hope to finish my first figgy top/back.

    When I can't turn my mind off, I count backwards from 99, visualizing each number and counting to my breaths; eventually that makes me fall asleep (I start back at 99 if I get lost in my thoughts again). Lowest number I recall getting to is 23...

  5. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one!! I was starting to think I have a serious problem! I do the same thing almost every night. At some point I wake up (usually because my 18 month old wakes up in the middle of the night every night). I'm so dead tired and don't want to get up. Then I can't get back to sleep. Even though I'm super tired...that's when the thinking begins! I think about fabric, quilts, blogs, my next project,my current projects, etc. etc. Drives me nuts sometimes!!

  6. Well, I think of quilting as a means to stop thinking of work and go to sleep. I plot lay-outs and such ... works a treat!

  7. Yes! Now I shall think about quilters all over the world who are joining me in my nocturnal quilting sessions! When I've planned and imagined enough and really need to sleep I find visualising a piece of black velvet helps me nod off in no time - much more quickly than counting sheep! Sweet dreams, Lis x

  8. My problem is different. I've always thought and solved problems, while sleeping. It's very productive but not as restful, as just sleeping.

    When I managed businesses, I always solved my problems in my sleep.

  9. It's like we're twins separated at birth, seriously!
    I love that Figgy Pudding quilt! (That is Figgy Pudding, right? Hard to tell but I'm positive!)

  10. you are not alone. sometimes i have to get up and write down what i am thinking about or else i can not get back to sleep. i dream quilts and get my best inspirations while i am lying there over thinking.

  11. No sleeping pills for me! (I had a bad experience with them when I was in the hospital having a preemie baby). I try to keep lists going but the other night I had some breakthrough quilting ideas and I thought about them in my sleep :).

  12. I hear you! I read before I go to sleep EVERY NIGHT to get my brain off thinking about all sorts of stuff, and unless the book is totally awesome, I fall asleep pretty quickly! My problem is that I often wake up at like 4:30 or so and lie there thinking about stuff. I've learned to just go ahead, get up and start working on what's bothering me, or at least read some blogs! ;-) What's amazing is that the past month I haven't been waking up early, and I'm missing that early hour of time in front of the computer! I don't know why this is, because I've still got tons of ideas and things to do...

    Anyway, as you can see, you're not alone!

  13. I have the same problem. I will think I am tired and turn off the lamp and then start thinking about what projects I want to finish first, patterns ,fabrics.

  14. I do this too. Unfortunately I just started grad school, so I can't afford to lay awake at night thinking about my next project! One thing I have started doing is keeping an unlined notebook by my bed and I draw out or jot down any ideas that keep me awake. I think one of the reasons my brain won't shut down, is it's afraid the quilt idea will get lost if I go to sleep--so the notebook helps.

  15. I do, and it's ridiculous at times. I can only imagine how much I would lay awake if I had a little business with my quilting! It keeps me up enough as it is!

  16. Glad I'm not the only one who does this! From reading your comments, its a common quilting/sewing problem.

  17. Well done on the quilts!!! LOVE them both!! And dreaming about quilts and quilting is harmless...and you can tell you love your job..look at your masterpieces!! I'm sure Michelangelo had the same problem!

  18. oh, poor thing. I get try to get sleep whenever I can. But I do think what youve got for yourself if pretty sweet! so maybe its worth the sleepless nights.

  19. Hi Natalia,
    I too, have this problem, though its not restricted to quilts. I call it monkey brain as my ideas flit from one to the next, like a monkey speeding through the branches of a forest.
    Haven't found a solution I'm afraid and they are often things I cannot do anything about...the worse time is when I keep freaking out about how little sleep time I have left. I think way to much :)
    Sometimes it helps to do something.
    Hugs, Sharon

  20. It's wonderful that you love your job! I'd rather thing about a job I love all day long than think about a job that I am unhappy at. I don't like bringing office drama home cuz it makes me grouchy all night and unable to sew a thing! So be thankful that you love it!


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