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I love saving! Isn't it the best feeling knowing that you got a deal! So today I'm sharing a couple of secrets. If you want to save a few dollars here at Piece N Quilt you need discount codes. Where do you get those discount codes?
1- Our newsletter. Today's newsletter has a great discount code. Click here to sign up.
2- Twitter. Are you following us on Twitter? We are frequently posting discount codes over on Twitter. Click her to follow us on Twitter.
3- Facebook. If you're not following us on Facebook you're also missing out on great discount codes. Click here to follow us on facebook.
Last but not least. Become a follower here on our blog. Did you know that every time we hit a milestone with our followers we host a give away! You must be a follower to be eligible for those drawings.

Hope everyone is having a happy day. I have to tell you that I machine quilted 3.5 quilts yesterday. It was a long day but they all turned out beautifully. I will share pictures soon!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the discount. I decided to buy some fabric today. I am excited to get it.


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