Limeade Quilt

My sweet customer Erin is stuck in those major storms that have been hitting the east. So she finished her darling Limeade Quilt. She purchased the material from us so it's so much fun to see finished quilts!!
Erin also used all of her scraps to make this darling baby blanket.
Thanks for sharing these Erin. I love to see what others are up to!
Both of these quilts are made using Authentic materials.

What have you been up to? Have you made any fun quilts during these crazy storms?

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  1. Love it I have been collecting lime and blacks myself.

  2. Beautiful! I finished my very first quilt this weekend :)

  3. they look great! I've got to make a circle quilt... one of these days.

  4. this quilt is so cute i love the circles! we are getting a good dose of snow right now but the only thing i got done was a few errands...although i did begin a around the world baby quilt yesterday. hopefully i will have some more time to work on it tonight.

  5. Ooh! Those colors work SO WELL together! Love them!

  6. boy I love it all!
    The fabric is fabulous and I truly love it

  7. I loved this pattern! I think it turned out so cute!

  8. very cute quilts! great fabric choice!


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