Make A Pillowcase, Make a Difference! I'm Participating!!

Have you heard about the 1,000,000 pillowcase challenge?
I am really excited about this. I am going to try to make a few of them this year. I've made one so far and it seriously took me 30 minutes tops.
I created a tutorial for it too!!
To make:
You will need,
1 yard main fabric.
1/4 yard coordinating fabric.
(which is on sale right now.)
Take your main fabric and cut two 21"x27" rectangles.
From your coordinating fabric cut two 21"x6" strips.
Create a hem.
Turn the edge over 1/4" an inch
Turn the edge over again then stitch on the hem. 
Sew the main fabric and the coordinating fabric together.
Attach your ric rac to each piece along the seam.
Stitch all the way around the pillowcase edges.
Turn right side out.
I'm thinking about donating this pillowcase and more that I want to make to the Make A Wish foundation of Utah. I e-mailed the PR lady last night so I will hear from her today.

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  1. Great new pattern for the pillowcases! So glad to see all those participating in this challenge!

    We are participating too!

  2. Beautiful pillow, the ric rac rocks!- and love the tute! Thanks!

    Now, of course, I want to dye ric rac - just what I need - another project!

  3. I'm having fun making pillowcases for this too! Quite fun. Had not thought about ric-rac. Great idea!


  4. What a great idea. I looked at the APQ site about the million pillowcases, but wasn't totally sure how it works. Do you just drop off the pillowcases you make at one of the participating shops, or what? My sweet little niece has been looking for a charitable project like this and since pillowcases are so easy, this will be perfect for her. Let us know what the Make a Wish Foundation says!

  5. Wow you're fast! Thanks for the tutorial! I have a memory foam pillow that rejects all pillowcases I put on it! Maybe it's time to make my own!

  6. Love the ric rac! I have never thought about adding that. It makes a girly pillow case soo cute! I will have to do add this to my pillow cases.

  7. Hi Natalia,
    Thanks so much for the tutorial, looks like a fun, quick sewing project, love the ric-rac too!

  8. That Rocks! And you know the PR woman and Make-A-Wish is going to love it. :)

  9. Our church sewing group is going to make these later on in the year. I have to ask... do you finish your seam allowances? :)

  10. thanks for the tutorial! i love making pillowcases & did hear about the project... so i will be making some!

  11. Thanks for the tutorial Natalia! Yours turned out fabulously!


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