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Hello Piece N’ Quilt! My name is Whitnee, by day I am extremely left brained, I teach high school, business and marketing specifically, but by night I have a little bit of right brain that comes out where I can enjoy my creative hobbies of photography, sewing, and cooking! I often joke telling people that I don’t know how to sew, so when Natalia asked me to be a guest blogger, I told her I wouldn’t know what to share since I don’t sew!

I was the 4th of 5 children, but there is 11 years between me and number 5, so I was the youngest for quite a while, and my mom still refers to me as “the baby girl,” having two older sisters, I always wanted to copy everything they did, and I guess I kind of still do with my sewing! My first experience with sewing came while growing up; my mom was a custom interior decorator, she owned a decorating shop where I spent every day of many summers. I would always see my mom designing people’s entire houses, and mixing and matching fabrics to decorate every room. Later on in life I would always see the beautiful quilts my sister, Natalia, and mom would create, so I would decide I wanted to sew beautiful things also, but mine never seemed to turn out so great… In fact, I would be embarrassed to show anyone these things I had made.  After growing up with a mom and sister that are so creative, and amazing at sewing, you can see why I joke that I don't sew!

I do have a couple sewing confessions.  I don't own a sewing machine... When I sew, I drive to my parents house to use my moms industrial sewing machine, or I use my sisters Bernina.  I don't know how to thread a sewing machine, or bobbin.  I hand appliqued all my applique until recently when my sister showed me how to applique on her Bernina.  I love precut fabrics, somehow my fabric doesn't turn out straight when I cut it myself, so I really love using precuts!  I only learned how to sew ruffles and yo yo's in the last couple weeks.  I do not piece anything that is not in a straight line!  I love to make baby quilts!  Also all reasons I tell people I can't sew!

I made my first “real” quilt when I was 17 years old, as a junior in high school.  The youth in our church were asked to express their talents for the Joseph Smith 150th birthday celebration.  With the help of my mom, I designed and made this quilt representing the Sacred Grove.  My quilt ended up being displayed at a region competition, where it was chosen to be displayed at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City for a week during General Conference.  I was also so excited about this quilt because it was the first quilt I had machine quilted! 
As a beginner, everything I made was from Buggy Barn patterns, I loved their patterns, and loved how my quilts looked harder than they actually were! For the next couple of years I became busy with school and getting married.  I would make a small project here and there, maybe one quilt a year when I had a chance.  One day while looking at different patterns on the internet I came across Zig Zag Shangri La, I loved the fabric, and I loved the pattern and decided I'd find some time to make it!  Zig Zag Shangri La was my first experience with precut fabrics, all but the borders were made from 2 jelly rolls!  I ended up putting this quilt in the local fair and won a blue ribbon!
My favorite thing to make is baby quilts or table runners.  I love that they are quick, cute, and I can finish them before getting burned out on the project!  I haven't used many patterns before, I usually find an idea, then consult with my mom and Natalia for an easy way to make that idea that will only include straight lines!
I graduated from college last spring, since then my sewing has become a little out of control!  I almost always have at least one project in the works.  Natalia has also been busy quilting away, so I have become the designated piecer!  I joke that I should buy beds to put in our extra rooms so I have somewhere to display my quilts!  A couple of my favorite projects completed in the last year were:
Simply Authentic, I made this quilt for my 16 year old sister in law for Christmas!
Simply Denim, I made this quilt for my husband for Christmas! I think I like it so much, because he truly loves it! (I also like the bright colors mixed with the denim)
And my very favorite thing that I made during the year were these Christmas stockings!  I really loved the Figgy Pudding collection!
Currently I am working on some projects using Authentic by Sweetwater, Whimsey by Fig Tree & Co., and Verna by Kate Spain!  I can't wait to share these projects!

Thanks for letting me share my story, and sewing experiences!

~Thank you Whitnee for being a guest blogger today! If you didn't already figure it out Whitnee is my sister. She is amazing at what she does. I love her attitude towards sewing and quilting. It's just a hobby and she's just going to have fun doing it! She didn't mention in this post but she also spends a lot of time helping me by playing ring around the rosies, taking Chesney potty and being her second mom. Thank you so much Whitnee, I couldn't get half the work accomplished that I do if it wasn't for you!

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  1. aaahhh whitnee.. I love your work! Your awesome and an awesome 2nd mom too I bet! :)

  2. Wow--you have a bit of talent there girl.

  3. You and your sister definitely make some beautiful designs! Thank you for sharing your work with us... and good aunties are always important. ;)

  4. Wow what awesome sisters you are. I got my sister started/obsessed about quilting.

  5. So fun getting to know Whitnee more! Love all of your quilts, and those stockings are sweet!

  6. I loved this post! It was really fun to see all of your projects, and hear the stories behind them. You and Natalia are both so talented and I'm so impressed by both of you.

    One day, when I'm brave, I'm going to make something too... but I'll definitely need your help!!


  7. Hi,

    My sisters got me sewing too...infact Deb kept on at me for about 10 years before I succumbed. She is soooo crafty i just thought I can't do that. I'm so glad they persisted though :)
    BTW I'm the eldest, so you younger sisters can put us in your shade just as well.

    Hugs, Sharon

  8. It's nice to learn more about Whitnee--I love that braided quilt and I think the jeans quilt is genius!

  9. Your Sacred Grove Quilt is amazing! I love it! Have you ever been there? It's one of my favorite places in the whole world!

    Any way, I love your blog! Any ideas for a quilt made with Eden by Lila Tueller?


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