I Love the Olympics!

I have had so much fun watching the Olympics! I hope you, wherever in the world you are have too! My husband and I keep telling each other that it makes us both sick to our stomach to think that 8 years ago the Olympics were right here in our town... and we didn't attend any events. 
(Literally! Both of our parents had families from other countries staying at their homes.) I will rephrase that, we did go to a couple of medals ceremonies in Salt Lake City but we didn't actually go and watch any athletes compete. I am sure this is something I will always regret! I do have a disclaimer. We were young and he was working three jobs and I was working two, one of my jobs was at the hotel where all of the nordic athletes stayed so that was fun.
ANYWAYS! Last week Moda-United Notions put on their facebook status the funnest thing. They asked the question. "Which  Quilting Olympic event would you medal in and why?? Be creative. There were some funny answers.
I have determined that I would win the gold in the category of getting the least amount of sleep at night / being the most creative while I should be sleeping!
If you were in the Quilting Olympics what would you win a medal in?
Be creative!

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  1. I'd probably get a gold in procrastinating (procraftinating) and quilting while I should be doing schoolwork. I'm a grad student, but quilting happens far more often than it should when I have papers due!

  2. I am THE gold medal olympian in designing when I should be sleeping but I am happy to give up the gold to you. These days, I'd win the gold for the most UFO's. I am great at coming up with new ideas and starting them bu I just can't seem to finish anything.

  3. I would probably win the gold for dreaming about quilting. I dream about colors and patterns, yeah I know its weird!! And maybe the bronze for having the most unfinished projects! I tell all my friends they will get their baby blankets before the kid leaves on their mission! :)

  4. I was lucky enough to attend an Olympic Event last Friday - I saw Men's Curling. It was so awesome being 'in' the action. Just wandering around Vancouver with so many people enthused about the Olympics made me proud to be a Canadian. (It helped that the Canadian Men won their game, as well).

    Not sure what I could win in the Quilting Olympics, although I am happy with my machine applique these days!! Maybe I could be in the running for that.

    Love your blog,

  5. Possibly for collecting to much fabric and not enough quilting!! I cannot resist fabric.

  6. I would definitely win the gold for fabric purchasing. Far too much fabric coming into this house. Wait a minute, is there ever too much fabric?

  7. I would metal in ironing. I can pull out my board and get going faster than anyone else!


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