Sew What!

A few months back Whitnee and I decided that we just had too many tutorials that we loved and too many projects that it was getting a little out of hand!
So we have combined all of our inspirations and put them together on a blog.
Have you been over to visit our blog Sew What! If you haven't I suggest you stopping by to see what's inspiring us today!
There are some amazing people out there. 
Thank you for inspiring us!
If you have a great idea or tutorial that you'd like to share on Sew What! Please e-mail to customercare@piecenquilt.com or just leave a comment here!

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  1. What a fabulous idea. After a quick browse,I have already got some great ideas for gifts. Thankyou

  2. I didn't know you had that blog. Great idea, I was just there and wow a lot of good stuff. Thanks.

  3. you have a lot of great stuff over there... someday you're going to have to set up categories or something :)


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