I quilted a book!

Earlier this year I worked on a few "secret" projects. 
One of these projects was quilting a book.
Let me explain, Amy wrote a darling pattern book called Modern Basics and I was honored to quilt every single quilt in the book for her. There are 14 quilt patterns in the book so at times it was a challenge to hide the quilts from other customers who came to my studio. :)
It is a real honor to have been able to quilt the quilts in the book for Amy.
Amy's book is available for per-order through Amazon!

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  1. Wow! That is a lot of quilting! I have looked at the pages of Amy's book and both her quilts and your quilting look amazing!!

  2. That's really neat. Great job! Looks like my kind of quilting book too.

  3. Thanks Natalia!! I love all the quilting and there's no way I could have met my deadline without you! :)

  4. How wonderful and a wonderful cover page.


  5. Wow!! How wonderful is this!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!! Congratulations!!

  6. You lucky girl. Your quilting is exceptional.

  7. Hi Natalia. Congrats on being asked to quilt Amy's quilts for the book. Don't blame her for asking you to do the quilting, your work is so nice. The cover looks great. Can't wait to get a copy...so congrats to you & Amy!

  8. I saw this book when Amy gave us a sneak peak over on her blog. I just love it & can't wait to get a copy & drool over your lovely quilting.

  9. Both of you are very very talented young ladies ! I wish the best for both of you on your continued success !!!!!! remember us when you hit it big !!! :=)
    congrats to both of you !!!!

  10. congrats!! i'm sure your skills really helped to make the quilts pop!

  11. Excellent,well done you!! I love your quilts and Amy's. The book is on my list from "Santa"and I'm pretty sure I'm getting it. Thanks Natalie and Amy for all your work.

  12. Wow look at you go! Congrats!!! Can't wait for the book to come out!

  13. The book looks great! I preordered it at Amazon :o) The say they wont ship until March 2011, can that be true??


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