An all night quilting adventure!

 Last night at 10:00pm the fun all began!
I participated in an all night mystery quilt class.
We were given the supply and cutting list and told to show up at 10:00pm!
I showed up with all of my supplies along with some candy and a couple of diet Rockstars, I knew those would be necessary to keep me awake all night.
 Amy shared a table with me and Kathleen came to help me press and cut. A life saver for sure!
Cat Beckstead was the teacher and she had so many fun things to do during the night. We played Quilting Bingo, everyone had a whistle that we blew when we ran out of bobbin thread or when we completed a step. It was so much fun!
I did end up completing the center of my quilt top. Borders are up to me so the creative juices are flowing.
I used some of Sweetwaters new Sunkissed fabric and I love it.
I finished the quilt top around 4am, 6 hours total. I'm a little tired today but it was totally worth it!

Have you ever participated in an all night sewing class?

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  1. Not a class, but I host a sew-in at the shop one weekend every other month. We all get together Friday afternoon and sew all through the night, usually 'til around 3 or 4 in the morning. Start up again at 9-10 Saturday, then all through the day and night, and a half day Sunday. We have SO much fun and everyone gets so much done! Unfortunately for me, that means my longarm list just grows and grows! :P

  2. not with a group. I do sew into the late hours many nights though.
    I like your project and fabrics too. How fun to quilt with Amy and your mom.

  3. Oh yes! It was worth it! I wish that I could have joined you!


    BTW-I heart that fabric :0)

  4. I've done two group overnighters. I love them! You get a lot done and you have fun chatting with others. Plus you feel like you are "living on the edge". Imagine, staying up all night!

  5. Love that quilt top and LOVE the idea of a mystery quilting event... and the all-nighter sounds like a hoot! I wonder how many not-quite-stitches there were after the 2am hour?!?! :-)

  6. Wow, that sounds like fun! I wish there were something nice like that around here...or even better, that I'd have someone to go with!

    I LOVE your top. Beautiful!

  7. Sounds like fun....but I'd be tired too! I think I need a nap, just thinking about it.


  8. I've never even heard of an all-night sewing class. :) I've heard of pajama parties that started about 6 but were over by midnight. Sounds fun to me. :) blessings, marlene

  9. I haven't participated in an all night sewing but it sounds awesome!

  10. Sounds like a lot of fun! Cute quilt. :)


  11. Great pattern and I love that fabric! I do one weekend long retreat during the year but since we have 3 days we usually bag it about midnight!

  12. That sounds like so much fun! I've never done something like that, but would love to if I found one near me. Looking forward to seeing how you finish this quilt...it's lovely!


  13. OMG! Never heard of doing such a thing as a group. Sounds like a lot of fun :)

  14. That would be fun... I'm usually up until 2am the way it is!

  15. that sounds like a blast! What a fun combo: staying up late w/ friends sewing & it's a mystery project! :)

  16. Never done that but I'd love too! Not sure what my blocks would look like at about 3 a.m. though!!

  17. I would have been asleep at the table, covered in my unfinished quilt, lol. You did a beautiful piece.


  18. I'm in a women's sorority group that hosts a craft retreat each February. I think this would be a fun addition to our weekend! Maybe a table runner or something simple. Did the host actually teach or just help you through the steps?

  19. That's a great quilt top you ended up with. Great colours. Sounds like a fun night. There is no way I would have made it to 4am, awake that is.

  20. Ok, a first..never heard of anything like this Natalia...but gosh if I was closer..I would have been sitting right beside you..lol..
    and your wee topper..it is a beaut...
    10 pm till what time????
    I may have to do something like this ...who ran it, how did you find out ...Can I connect with the ladies who did this? No seriously...I want to do this....blessings msamm

  21. P.s...how many ladies showed up???
    details my dear...lol. NO really this is sew exciting...you are such a hoot...

  22. Did anyone really fall asleep?! Just curious. That top looks beautiful--I know you are so proud of it even though a little sleepy--make sure you are rested for Talkin' Tuesday!!!

  23. I've never heard of an all-night quilting class before... but it sure sounds cool!

  24. SOunds like so much fun. I am already so excited for the Sewing Summit. I want to just sit and SEW. Love your top!

  25. Our guild hosts a twilight night.. we have a potluck and sew til midnight.. it's great. Can you share the block in your quilt I like it and have seen it on another blog....

    thank you


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