Wasp Quilt

The local high schools mascot is a Wasp. So the school colors are black and gold. Whitnee has a sister-in-law who is a senior in high school this year and she wanted Whitnee to make her a special Wasp quilt.  Whitnee took our "Let Your Imagination Bloom" tutorial and enlarged it a little bit and changed to applique to create this quilt. 
 So of course I had to quilt Wasps to go with the theme of the quilt.
I think it turned out just darling! 
What do you think?
On a side note I'm not going to be able to host "Talkin' Tuesdays" tonight. I've got some other things going on and I'll have to skip this week! Feel free to still chat using #talknt!

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  1. I think it is amazing!! The Wasps are adorable! You are such an amazing quilter!

  2. I love the stitch you used!! Very clever!
    Absolutely wonderful!

  3. Wonderful idea and pattern for a wasp theme, the quilting is perfect with it.


  4. The quilting is fab! I love the enlarged hex's :)

  5. Sooo cute! Did you design that wasp? Very clever!

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  7. You both did FABULOUS work , as usual ! this is really neat and you have a very talented family !
    LOVE the quilting you did on it ! I'm glad I didn't stay up for talkin tuesday since you were not there .... next week ....

  8. I wonder if you could post the fabric requirements? How many different colors and how much fabric for the inside? The tutorial calls for 1 layer cake and 1 charm pack.

  9. this reminds me of when my daughter used to cheer against the Wasps. Her hardest cheer to say was "Beat, beat beat the Wasps, Beat those Wasssps"

    it was a hard one to pronounce and cheer.
    it makes me giggle


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