Boy Scouts of America Quilt Display

I have been serving on the board for Quilt Fest. Today is the first day of the festivities so I thought I'd share my part in the event.
The Boy Scouts of America Quilt Display
This year marks 100 years of Boy Scouts of America so Barbara decided she wanted a special display as a tribute. 
I snapped a few pics yesterday after setting up, I'll have to go and take some more today.
The quilts are amazing!
I'm super excited for the classes that I've signed up for, one is an all night mystery quilt!

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  1. What a wonderful display to commemorate the 100th birthday of Boy Scouts! I'll have to show it to my little cub scout when he gets home from school!

    An all night mystery quilt sounds like too much fun! I hope you'll tell us all about it after you catch up on your sleep!


  2. They are all wonderful, but the middle one, the memory quilt with the scout's photo and all his badges, is FABULOUS. What an heirloom. What a brilliant idea.

  3. I heart the one with the HEARTS! Great idea about the mystery quilt all nighter:)

  4. Beautiful quilt to honor the boy scouts.


  5. I love these quilts, especially the middle won with all the badges and awards. I wish I thought of this when my son won the Eagle Scout award...all that on a quilt that he and his family could cherish and enjoy. Instead I put the badges on his boy scout vest and don't even know where it's at.

  6. Wow great quilts! I been doing a lot of memory quilts lately and never thought to suggest to add Boy or Girl Scout patches. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I've been searching for Eagle Scout quilts on Pinterest and your post came up. Do you have any idea how this was actually quilted? I'm thinking it wouldn't be easy to sew through those merit badges - so - just quilt aROUND them?


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