Apron Make Over {for quilt fest}

 Being on the board at Quilt Fest requires one important thing, 
an apron. 
We were all given this plain apron and asked to decorate and wear it while at Quilt Fest as a way for everyone to recognize who is on the board.
(Sew Many Friends is the theme)
Of course I couldn't just leave it as is so Kathleen helped me give it a make over.
Gave it some ruffles.
A new tie and some buttons.
and of course some applique!
I love how it turned out, I may actually start wearing an apron when I cook or sew!

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  1. That is so fun and easy way to make your own.


  2. Love the ruffles! I would recognize those flowers as your work anywhere!

  3. Just adorable,I love wearing aprons!

  4. What an improvement! You are sure to be noticed wearing that cute apron!


  5. Love it! So much more going for it now : )

  6. It turned out lovely! Aprons are so much fun to make and wear!

  7. How cute is that!!!....this made me smile.


  8. LOVE IT! and great idea!

    I cannot live without my aprons! Especially when they are CUTE!

    Try making some out of dish towels too...make the tie come to the side instead of the back and CUTE!
    Embellish as desired.

    I'll be posting one I did soon..on wwwacreativeheart-hope.blogspot.com

    Thanks for sharing this..

  9. Too too cute! I've made two aprons recently and like to wear them when I'm quilting. My excuse was that THEY would collect stray threads Thanks for sharing! Toni

  10. SO Cute! ANd those flowers...those are YOU TWO!

  11. oh heck that's cute! I love it! :)

    and I meant to congratulate you on the calendar, but S wasn't letting me type! :)

  12. i just love your work...don't think of me as a staulker. think of me as a fan...lol

  13. that is adorable! I'd wear it all the time! For sure if it was a not so good day because it just says HAPPY! MOMMA hugs all around! Congrats to your mom for going the next round in the McCalls design thing- a- ma- bob :) (don't know what it's called for real) Have a great time at the quilt fest. I'm not sure what that all entails but if it has the word quilt in it I'd want to be there!

  14. What an improvement on a plain old apron.

    My husband is the cook in my family. You just gave me an idea for a Christmas present. I think I MIGHT leave the ruffles off, though. lol


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