It's been snowing here in UT.
Nope, I'm not ready for it.
But, I did think it was really pretty on the trees in front of my house.
Now that it's snowing I can spend even more time inside quilting!
This is a fun disappearing 9-patch quilt that I quilted this week.

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  1. I'd gladly take your snow if I could. We're still in the 70s and 80s here in north Texas.

    I'd love some cold weather because I just bought two new sweaters at Cabellas...and it looks like we won't be getting any cold temps any time soon.

  2. Ah snow! It's going to be 91 here in west/central Florida today! Bleck!! I love Chesney in flip-flops in the snow...too cute. :)

    What a fun quilt indeed.

  3. Love your disappearing 9 patch. I also just made that using Butterfly garden and gold borders. I nice fall quilt. Now I want to make it sunny spring colors.
    I enjoy your blog and like you I am not looking forward to snow!

  4. I am definitely not ready for snow, but I do love the first snowfall, something magical about it.
    Love your new piece and the quilting, I need to decide what project I will work on today.


  5. Think I'll try that diappearing 9 patch soon. I need 4-5 baby quilts in next few months! Right now I'm working on the 2 fer 1 Monkey boy tutorial. I had a layer cake and Kona snow and I'm "snowballing" away!

  6. Heard teh forecast was for snow in Utah on Wednesday. Was there on Sunday and it was just Raining buckets! Got out just in time. I'm not ready for the snow time either, but have lots of quilts ready to cuddle up and stay warm. I've done over 19 variations of the Disappearing 9 patch, with my quilt buddy. The ladies at our Guild say we should write a book.

  7. I am going into hibernation mode! Not ready for the snow either!

  8. I used this very fabric to make a couple tote bags last year. It's so fun!

    The quilt is beautiful.

  9. love the disappearing 9 patch...mid 80's here in NC

  10. Snow!!! Really! That seems crazy to me...already?!? But it is very pretty! And I love the quilt!


  11. That quilt is so fun! I love the modern twist on the traditional design.

    It's finally in the 60s in Cincinnati, and I wish it would stay this way forever! I'm not quite ready for snow...

  12. PRETTY !! I've been 'planning' to do a disappearing 9-patch ; now I KNOW I will be ! you keep the snow with you ; it's 60 and WINDY here still in boring Indiana !!! It is pretty , BUT ...........

  13. Snow in October? I'll stay in Michigan.

  14. I thought snow was going to be the name of a quilt, not what you were seeing outside! It's about 80 here in San Diego today - I have a beautiful view of the ocean from my work.
    That's a cute quilt.

  15. The snow is so beautiful against the red leaves!

    Love the quilted swirlies!

  16. I needed to see this!! I can not wait for colder temps and I am ready.

    Lovely quilt. It has a happiness to it.

  17. Oh my gosh Natalia, that is such a pretty picture! I love the pinkish leaves on the tree covered in snow. So pretty! Makes me *almost* think I could handle so snow. Not quite. But almost. :)
    I love your swirls, too!

  18. Fun post. I'm not quite ready for winter, but your pictures of early dusting of snow are beautiful. And cute disappearing 9 patch.


  19. is that early snow for y'all? It looks like the wet-sticky snow perfect for snowball-making... bwahahahahahaah!

  20. BRRRRRR glad I'm in Southern (SE) UTah. Take care

  21. The colours in the quilt are great and I love your quilting.
    You can keep your snow. We are heading into Summer and I want to warm up!


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