Hobo Quilt {First 5 blocks}

If you've signed up to participate in the Hobo Quilt Block of the month these are the first 5 blocks that you will be making.
The book "Hobo Quilts" which is included when you sign up, includes a story telling what each Hobo sign represents. I am not a big history buff but I do think this is pretty interesting.
First block:
No one Home
Second Block:
Housewife Feeds for Chores
Third Block:
Good Chance to Get Money
Fourth Block:
Tell Pitiful Story
Fifth Block:
Worth Robbing
There is still time to sign up.
Click here for details.
After making your blocks please post them in our Flickr group!

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  1. Worth robbing? That's great :) No one would see that sign outside my house!

  2. I like the comment from the Kit Kitterage American Girl Movie. They had placed a hobo sign in front of every house along Kit's street and at the banker's house was fish bones I believe. It ment bad trash or aboundance of trash, I think.


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