Machine Quilting {Raymies' quilt}

I finished machine quilting this beautiful quilt for Raymie yesterday. 
She asked for an edge to edge pattern.
So I quilted Roses all over it. 
It turned out really nice!
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I have to tell you. I took a machine quilting class yesterday. The class was focused on quilting on the conventional machine. My hat goes off to every one of you that quilts on your conventional machine! You impress me! Kathleen and I quilted some little samples on the conventional and they were so bad that Kathleen threw them away. She wouldn't even let me take pictures of them. I'm thinking I'll stick with the long arm. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I think that is awesome that you and your mom took a class on machine quilting on regular machines. I look forward to the day when I take a class on a long arm machine :) That would be heaven to not have to kneel on my floor for 2 hours basting :)

  2. HAH ! I can't machine quilt either ; well , I can ; but it's not very pretty ! I can do straight line on small projects .... the quilt is fabulous as always ! Can't wait to send you mine !!! :=)

  3. Pretty quilt. I don't think using a regular machine to quilt a large quilt would be much fun and your quilting looks great to me.

  4. Very beautiful....you are really talented and should stick with the long arm. I love the quilt you did for me. I show it to everyone that comes over. I'm so proud of it. Keep posting the pictures. I look forward to seeing what you're up to every day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very funny! I don't have a long arm, so I am practicing on my domestic machine. It's not anything like what a long arm would do, but it gets the job done ;-)

  6. I agree I has a class on a domestic machine and I threw mine away too. Not very pretty at all, sticking to lonarming.

  7. Super cute quilting!
    I quilted on my mom's grace frames last summer but most of my quilting is on my regular machine. You have to flip things around in your brain to switch! Plus it's way more physical, using a conventional machine, IMO.


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