A few more machine quilting pictures

These quilts all belong to Ruth. She has been one busy lady!
I machine quilted each one of them for her and I think they turned out so fun!
I quilted some funky lines on both of the dinosaur quilts.
This one is a great scrappy quilt.
Last but not least, this little batik quilt.
Hope you're all having a happy weekend! Big give away on Monday!

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  1. These are beautiful. Do you do the quilting on a longarm machine or a normal domestic machine?

  2. Great quilts and, as usual, gorgeous quilting. You outdid yourself on the batik one.

  3. Just Beautiful! (as always)
    Would love sometime, if you would show pics of you, working on the machine.... & just how long does it take for you to do an average size quilt ??

  4. Beautiful quilts! I love the quilting design in the second one.

  5. Your quilting is simply amazing. What gorgeous quilts!


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