2014 Aurifil Machine Quilting Tip

This year I'm teaming up with the Aurifil design team, each month this year the 12 designers will be sharing quilt block tutorials, you can read more about it here
I'm excited to be a little part of this fun team, each month this year I will share a machine quilting tip and then at the end of the year I will be machine quilting the final quilt.

Today I'm excited to share tip #1.
Always use a high-quality machine quilting thread, never use hand-quilting thread on a sewing machine.


  1. You're off to a good start! This is a really important piece of info. Thank you!

  2. What weight is best? I found some 40 weight, is that too heavy??

  3. I only use Aurifil. My machine and I both love it!

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  5. I like your tips but would like to know more about the 'WHY'. Why is Aurfil the best and what weight? Why a titanium needle? Thanks for sharing!


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