Hexis' are HOT!

I love hexagons.
I've been seeing them everywhere lately and they just keep getting cuter.
The one above is a hexagon table runner that I quilted for a customer.
This one is my most recent Moda Bake Shop tutorial made using hexagons.
Julie from Jaybird Quilts is holding a Hexagon Quilt along!
I wish I had a little more time on my hands right now and I'd be joining her.
I was browsing flickr and came across a hexagon love group!
Also on flickr,
They are just darling!
I love that hexagons are so timeless.
I love that my great grandmother made hexagons and I make them too.
Mary from Mary on Lake Pulaski made this darling Hexagon quilt.
Love it made with Authentic materials.

Are you loving these hexigons too?
If you've made a hexagon quilt or even just seen one I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I have a darling hexagon baby quilt made by my grandma. I want to try this some day. Right now I am trying to finish other projects, but that still stays in the back of my mind.

  2. Hi Natalia,
    I love Hex quilts, here are a couple of mine:



  3. It's another wonderful design, Natalia! Congratulations! Yet another sweetie to put on my ever-growing Wanna Do list...

  4. I am loving hexi's right now as well! I've been slowly working on a fun bright kid quilt with hexi's. Do you hand stitch or machine sew your hexagons? I tried the machine and HATED it!! I'm not a patient person so I assumed that would be best for me but I ended up having to seam rip and restitch so much that I finally realized just hand stitching hexagons was way easier!!

  5. Ugh - one, no, two words: Y-Seams.

    Not ever gonna do a hexagon quilt.


  6. I think I might use hexagons with my Make Life fabric that I ordered from you!

  7. By far Natalia, you are the most inspiring quilter that I have come across. Your use of colour, shapes and designs are "incredible". I have added you to my list of blogs so that others will also be inspired...love your new tut...
    blessings madame samm

  8. there doesn't happen to be a kit for this quilt does there. it is the cutest thing ever!!


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