It's Quiet.

It's quiet in the house and I'm all done with my work for the day.
It must be some sort of miracle or something.
It's never quiet like this and I'm never caught up, it seems like.
So, I'm enjoying it.
I'm listening to the water at the lake, the birds outside the window and I've got my feet up and I'm catching up on reading blogs!
Don't you just love spring!?
These are a few recent finishes.
This is a quilt that I quilted for one of my customers.
She is super creative.
She took stars & hearts from a Buggy Barn pattern and then added blocks to make it a quilt for her sons' wedding.
I did a bunch of custom quilting and I love how it turned out.
You can see some more pictures of the border here.

I think this circle quilt is so much fun.
It's a free pattern from Moda.
I really like the Riley Blake fabrics that she made it with.
And, I got to machine quilt it for her.

P.S. I did get the quilt that we re-made all finished, right now, as I type this Kathleen is working her magic on the binding and then I'll add a label!

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  1. Enjoy the quiet! Do something for yourself! How did you load the round quilt onto your machine? I've had this on my to do list.

  2. I love that quilt pattern, but have felt a wee-bit intimidated by it. :)

    Cute quilting as always Natalia!

  3. Wonderful quilts, but I do love how she modified the buggy barn and the quilting you did to enhance it.
    I need to make some pieces with blocks that I can practice quilting on.


  4. absolutely love the circle quilt! fabulous quilting job yet again

  5. I love that circle quilt. Thanks for sharing it. Your quilting is beautiful, as always!

  6. Really!? All caught up? Yay!! I can stop over in the morning :)

  7. Love your circle quilt...I really want to have a go at making something like that!

  8. Love the colors in the first quilt, and the circle quilt is absolutely fascinating. I've never seen one like it.

  9. the heart and star one is so pretty. I love to see your quilting!


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