There's more to Verna!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments about the Verna's Bedspread tutorial.
The only bad thing about the quilt is the fact that it's on Whitnee's bed and not mine.
Oh, well, I'll just have to go visit her.....a lot!
So, the new bedroom decor wouldn't have been complete without new pillowcases.
So crafty Kathleen whipped out this idea for these darling pillowcases.
Thursday we will have the complete Verna's Pillowcases tutorial.

Thanks again for all of your sweet comments! I can't believe how sweet you all are.

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  1. Great work ladies, the pillowcases are adorable and such a wonderful finishing touch to add to every quilt. It seems people have been making pillowcases forever but not coordinating them with their quilts, I love this idea!!

  2. Hello! I am from Brazil and I just love your blog!!!

    I am learning how to quilt but I am in love for this technique already!

    And I also love your State Utah! I went there last year and I have great friends living there, in Salt Lake City!!!!


  3. Tonight my friend asked me if I was related to you, and I proudly said yes! She said this quilt is perfect for her little 3 year old daughter's bed--it's just what she was looking for! You guys are amazing!

  4. I love your Verna bedspread quilt. The appliqued flowers really make it pop. Do you have a pattern for this? Did you just draw the flower out?

    Thanks for sharing your awesome quilt!


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