Verna's Pillowcases Tutorial

Verna's Pillowcases.

Made to coordinate with Verna's Bedspread click here for the comple Verna's Bedspread tutorial.
Materials Needed:
These measurements are figured for standard, queen or king size pillows and for two pillowcases.
Main print:
Standard 1 1/2 Yards
Queen 1 2/3 Yards
King 1 7/8 Yards
Only the main print will vary on yardage. All other measurements will be the same for all sizes.
For the small band (green or pink) you will need 5"
For the white band you will need 8"
If you are making the ruffle pillows you will need:
Ruffle 1 2/3 Yards
If you are making the straight band pillow you will need:
Straight 1/2 Yard
Start by cutting your main body.
Note sizes.
From your yardage you will cut a straight piece, meaning that you will only need to sew on two sides of the pillowcase. Cut two.
King 32"xWidth.
Queen 30"xWidth.
Standard 27"xWidth.
From your small print for the strip you will cut 4 -1"xWidth strips.
From your white print you will cut 2 - 3.5"xWidth strips.
For the ruffle pillows you will cut 5 - 12"xWidth strips.
For your solid pillows you will cut 2 - 9.5"xWidth strips.
Now take your pillowcase body and stitch around two sides of them. Leaving one end open, the other side is closed from the fold of the fabric.
As shown in the images above and below.
Now take your white strips and your small print strips and sew them as shown in the image above.
You will now sew the band together to create a loop.
As shown in the image above.
For you solid pillows you will take the 9.5" strips and sew them together to create two seperate loops.
You will now fold and press those loops in half.
As shon in the image above.
Now you will attach the solid band to your three strip band.
As shown in the image above.
Press that, it should look like the image above.
You will now attach that band to your pillow body as shown in the image above.
Walla, your solid pillows are finished.
For the ruffle pillows you will:
First cut one of the five 12" strips and cut it in half. So you will have 2 1/2 strips for each pillows ruffle.
Stitch those strips together to create a large loop for each pillow.
Now you will press that loop in half.
Then set your stitch length on the longest stitch and stitch two rows 1/4" apart.
As shown in the image above.
Now you will find your bobin thread on both of the stitches and pull it, carefully work the fabric into a ruffle.
You will make your ruffle the same size as your pillow body.
Now you will attach your ruffle to the small band.
As shown in the image above.
Then stitch that to the body of the pillowcase.
Walla! You've finished your ruffle pillowcases!
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  1. I love these and the quilt. I wish I could make it for my bed but my manly husband would kill me :) I want to tell you the you "Rock". I got my oder today and you included a free fat quarter from Frolic!!!!

  2. I love these pillowcases. :) The little stripes are my favorite feature I think... and the fabric selection is great too.

  3. Oh! I like that little touch of red! I love making pillowcases, thanks for the cute ideas to snazzy them up a bit!

  4. Love the pillowcases and the quilt. The fabrics are gorgeous! As usual, your quilting is beautiful.

  5. Very cute, and I love the stripes.....but for something so simple, I find your instructions very confusing!!

  6. Very nice pillowcases. Always looking for a touch of something to brighten up the bed.

    Count me as confused also. Are the dimensions given...27, 30, and 32 the length of the pillow case?

    Once the fabric is cut Width of Fabric (WOF) and folded, are you sewing down one long side and one short side? With the fold being one long side, similar to how many manufactured pillowcases are done? (Can't tell from the photo.)

    IF that is the case, would it be easier to add the edgings/borders before folding and sewing the case together?

  7. Found this on Pinterest and I am a very novice seamstress. Giving it a try for my future mother in laws Christmas gift! Thanks for all the great pointers.

    Gretta Hewson
    Veritable Fishing Lodge Alaska Website

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