Why do you blog?

I've been thinking lately.....
about a lot of things, life, my plans for it.
One of the things I think about very often is blogging.
I love blogging.
I am so thankful for blogging.
Since becoming a stay at home mom and losing my daily chats with my friends and co-workers I've made many new friends and I am so thankful for you.
Some of you I've met face to face, some I haven't.
Some I've gotten to talk to on the phone, some not.
Some of you I've quilted your quilts.
Let me just tell you that I am thankful that I have you.
Recently, I had a bad day.
My husband was at work and busy so I couldn't talk to him. The next person I always talk to is my mom, she was also at work and I couldn't talk to. Next, Whitnee, she's in Hawaii (yes, I'm super jealous). So, you get it, all of my family was gone, but I needed someone to talk to.
Thank goodness I've met you and all of my amazing friends through blogging and I was able to chat with one of my blogging friends.
She made me fell better.
She didn't even have to se me shed a few ugly tears (yup, I'm an ugly crier).

Okay, anyways.
So why do you blog?
Do you do it like me to connect and to have a creative outlet?
Do you do it to connect with people who get you, ya know, others who get being crafty?
Do you to it to earn money?
Do you do it just for fun?

I'd love to know.

Again, THANK YOU! Thank you to all of you who comment on my blog, who leave positive feedback, who make my day when I'm having a bad day! I couldn't go through most days without you!

Tonight, before quilt guild I will announce a winner of the Frolic Charm Pack.
P.S. Thank you for all of your great April Fools Day ideas. I've got the perfect one to pull and I think I may just be able to pull it off! :)

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  1. I do it because it pushes me to try harder to do quality work and improve in my skills. The connection with people through quilting bees has been a huge plus and there is so much pleasure in making blocks for my bee partners.

    I read blogs because of all the great inspiration!

  2. I love to be connected to other creative people and to see what everyone is making and doing. I have met so many nice people through my blog who have the same interests as I do. I have only been blogging since the end of December, but I feel like I have accomplished more projects than I normally would have because I have an audience. It is so much fun!

  3. Blogging is a way for me to connect with others who share the same likes. It's also a way for me to contact with the outside world since I'm also a SAHM. I also get such wonderful inspiration when I read other blogs. It makes me try harder and push the limits of my comfort zone. Blogging has opened up my eyes to a world of opportunities such as making my own patterns and such. IT's all so wonderful!

  4. When I started blogging I wanted it to be a journal of my quilting experience. It soon became a wonderful source of meeting new friends and finding so many lovely generous creative people. I've been blessed by bloggers who share their talent and by those who take the time to read my little blog. What an amazing creative outlet.

  5. I don't blog yet. I am a huge reader of quilting and craft blogs and have been thinking about starting as a way to journal and show folks my projects. I do try and commnet often and let people know I am reading and interested in their work. Hope today is a great one!

  6. I've been blogging for years. through blogging I taught myself how to sew, met lots of wonderful friends (online and in person).

    I blog as an online journal of sorts. I love to write, share ideas, educate, and blogging is the perfect outlet for me.

    Lord knows, I always have something to say...LOL!

  7. I blog because I'm shy in real life. In blogland, I can show-off and brag about my craft things without feeling prideful or embarrassed by the attention I get. I have center stage, with no fear of rejection because I never see the people who don't like me or my stuff. It is a safe place for me to express myself and the positive feedback I get is really a boost.

  8. This is hard to explain but I will try. When I discovered blogging I was so happy to find a community of like minded people. They all give so much to me everyday. So I started to blog to give back and hopefully help inspire others like I have been inspired. I am not sure if I have done that yet but that is my goal.

  9. I blog for the community too! Having connections that I wouldn't otherwise have :) So glad your day turned around - see you tonight!

  10. I am new to blogging (not even a month) lol and I love it. I was always joining others blogs so that I could see all of the beautiful and creative ideas you were coming up with. Now I want to do the same and hopefully get some of my projects finish!

  11. I don't currenty blog, but I follow a lot of quilt blogs--I just love seeing other peoples vision come to life--a vision I share. All the blogs I follow inspire me--I just love this little world where you can share tips, ideas, life!

  12. I'm an empty nester, I don't have a job and we live 1300 miles from family. Blogging is not only a social thing, but it's my connection to creative people who share my interests. Community! And I can talk about things that make my husband's eyes glaze over.

  13. I blog for an outlet, because I enjoy sharing my work with people who also enjoy it. I blog to keep the boredom from killing me. I blog to meet people and let them get to know me.
    Basically I blog for all sorts of reasons and none at all LOL.

  14. The creations that I currently blog about are my children. We love a long was from our family and only see them a couple times a year. So rather than repeat cute stories 10 times I post them once for everyone to read and see pictures the pictures that go along.

    I have been think about starting another to share my other creative pursuits.

  15. I read blogs for inspiration from people who are passionate about the same thing that I am passionate about. I write my blog to document my journey. And along the way I have made some great friends!

  16. I got involved in blogging after many requests from friends at work that wanted to see my quilts. Its kind of difficult to haul in the projects so I started blogging. Not to soon afterwards, my employee block access to blogs on our computers and now its back to the beginning. But I in the meantime had started that blog and would show people via the internet. It got me hooked and now have really enjoyed browsing, learning, making new acquaintances etc etc etc.
    P.S. I kind of like showing off my crafts! Is that strange?

  17. I blog now to share what I have created and to see what others have as well. I actually have a folder on my computer of inspiration from other quilters that I use when making my own. I also like the idea that as a young quilter, I'm encouraged to spread my wings and try something new.

  18. I blog to connect with other quilting souls like myself. It is fun to be inspired by other's work and the friendships I've made through blogging. I'm also a longarm quilter so it enables me to share some things I do on my machine as well. To me, blogging is just about better than a quilt guild...blog with no obligations!

  19. Hi Natalia, Sorry to hear you had a sad day but glad you had someone to talk to! I am a Mum that works from home and my family live about an hour drive away. My Mother in law and Sister in law quilt but they live 3 hours away. None of my friends have any interest in craft, so Its my way to talk to like minded people about the things that make me happy. Yes, there is a world out there that doesn't revolve around the Wiggles and housework :)

  20. I blog for several reasons.
    1. I like to show off. :) Actually, I don't, but I do post pictures of the things I make. Anything from sewing to cooking.

    2. I use my blog to disseminate information written by others. Political to health to religious.

    3. I post my thoughts on different issues like the above.

    4. I post recipes I've tried and what we thought about them.

    5. I've posted about our travels, which are few and far between.

    6. I post pictures of nature I see around our house.

    I've "met" several bloggers I'd like to meet in person someday. It's been fun.

  21. Hi there Natalia. When I went back to work after having my son I couldno longer attend my patchwork groups meetings. Bummer it was indeed. then I started checking out blogs and then I found Google Reader. What a day that was. After lots of lurking I then decided to start my own blog about my sewing endeavours. I know its not goiing to set the quilting world on fire but it makes me feel part of a quilting/crafting community. It cannot be under estimated in its benefits. It has really made me a happier person to once again have interaction with other like minded people. Go the bloggers!

  22. I'm happy to hear that you were able to get through a bad day through your online friends! You're so talented with such a wonderful caring personality that you attract great friends naturally! I've been blogging before it was called "blogging." At first I blogged to express my true self and share my passions outside of my stifling family and school life. Nowadays, I still blog to share my passions but it's much harder to do around the confines of a full time job and full time craft business. Thank you for continually sharing your talents and blogging about all the beautiful things you make and do! You are wonderful and deserve every happiness!

  23. I LOVE the community I've found through blogging! They're my window on the world...Blogging also helps me focus, it allows me to see how I'm developing as an artist, I get great feedback and awesome advice, and slowly but surely it's helping me expand my little business!

    And yes, it does get me through those tough days like the one you just had!


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