Self Binding Receiving Blankets

Today Whitnee came over and needed to whip something out quick for a baby shower tomorrow.
They are super fast, and one of my favorite gifts to give to new mothers.
The one on the left is made from Attitude Girls materials.
The one on the right is made from Frolic materials.
They are for a baby boy.

Have you made one of these Self Binding Receiving Blankets?

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  1. Thanks for the help, and letting me use your machine! They were really quick, and I think they turned out really cute!

  2. this looks so great. i just made a baby blanket tonight too...

  3. Yes!! I just made some of these a few days ago in fact! They are so easy and a beautiful gift to give. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

  4. i love this method. It really is quick and easy. perfect for a quick gift.


  5. Yes, I made a test one, because I just couldn't "picture" in my mind how these went together!

    Now I get it, and will be making more as time goes on and baby showers roll around.

    Thanks for sharing!

    charlsmith at comcast dot net
    (silly husband is signed on right now!)

  6. I feel embaressed, but what are thes blankets used for? The look very pretty and nice to make.

  7. Those are so cute! I'm definitely going to remember that tutorial for baby gifts!

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  9. A friend told me how to make these a few months back. Thanks for the tutorial, it will help so much.


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