You're kidding.........right?

Remember back here when I told you that Kathleen & I were working on a design challenge quilt for HMQS?
Well, last week I finished quilting the quilt, got it ready to bind when Kathleen decided that she didn't love the quilt. So........ she decided that we should remake the quilt. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
So all day Friday and part of Sunday were spend remaking the quilt. I will admit that I like it better now and I can't wait to share pictures of the remade quilt. Now I'm just going to have a hard time letting it get sold!

Have you ever made a quilt, got it completely quilted and ready for binding then decided you didn't love it so you remade it?
Please tell me we're not the only crazy ones!

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  1. I made a sweetwater authentic little coin quilt which hangs in my kitchen corridoor (opposite my I'm Blushing quilt!) and I sashed it with the wrong shade of cream. It annoys me every time I look at it but I haven't had the heart to go back to square one and start again. I should though!

  2. Nope! But I have abandoned them :) I'm excited to see it!

  3. I made one and had to remake it so I could keep one. The first was a charity challenge at guild. It hangs over my window in the basement now. I love Purple and it is all an original design done with chunky strips.

  4. Nope, and I don't think I would ever do it. Rather start a new one. I actually threw away a quilt once.

  5. I've never re-made a quilt once it was quilted. However, I have taken apart an entire quilt and redone the set and sashing. I just hate seam ripper! Love your new background. Lynne

  6. I can't say that I've ever re-made a quilt for that reason.

    Why would anyone throw away a quilt?!?!?!?!?! It could've been donated to someone in need.

  7. I have never remade one, if I don't like it, I usually know from the start and never finish it;)


  8. I have heard of people who did that when it was still just a quilt top, not from a completed quilt job.
    I do have a quilt hanging in my living room that the more I look at it, I realized that it would look much better if I had added an extra inner boarder to balance out the light and dark. Its starting to bug me, but I will not tear it apart to change it. It will have to do!
    Hope the effort was well worth it!

  9. my motto is once the borders are on, it's done. No more changes, no agonizing over anything. Just enjoy it!

    Looking forward to seeing it - did you take before and after pictures?

  10. Kudos to you for re-doing it. Those projects usually get shoved in the back of my sewing closet. ;-)

  11. Wow! That is a lot of dedication and work. I've never had that experience, but I'll bet you're happier with your new quilt.


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