Something that makes me sad.

I love reading your comments, they are so motivating, kind and many are informative. However, many of you ask questions or even just leave comments that I am unable to respond to because you haven't left your e-mail address. A few months back Amy posted this post. If you are one of these that I can't, or maybe have never gotten a response back to one of your comments then you should check out Amy's post and fix things.


P.S. It's almost May and we've got snow sticking here in Utah. :( UG. I was getting so excited to go outside!
Also, since it's snowing here, today's daily deal is 12 Days of Christmas Layer Cake by Kate Spain.

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  1. Don't be sad Natalia!! :) I understand that's why I wrote it - thanks for linking!!

  2. I've recently started an addition to one of my blogs where I do an answer to questions posting. This should cover the no-reply or lost the e-mail address queries.

  3. Great subject! I had this same conversation with my Sister in law last week. The weather is crazy huh? Here in Aus we are having some warm sunny days and all my flowers have come back out in flower instead of losing their leaves! Weird!

  4. When I first saw Amy's post, I fixed my blog. When I re read it, I fixed it again. Thank you to both of you for the help. Sorry you have snow.


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