It is May 22, 2010 and we've got SNOW!

 Never in my life do I remember snow this late in the year,
my dad always tells me that he remembers a year that we got snow in July, WHAT!
Well, this morning we woke up to a skiff of snow.
How fitting,
Check out the new Christmas fabric!
Yesterday it was in the 70's and now we've got snow!
Welcome to UTAH!
Hope you have a happy weekend.
(with no snow)
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  1. SNOW???? WOW!
    I can't imagine that anymore after living here in Houston...

    Stay warm :)

  2. wow, i wish that we had snow

  3. I'd take that snow...I'm not a hot weather lover. Snuggle up ;o)


  4. w..h..o..a.. s..n..o..w.. !

  5. Snow? That's just not right! We are basking in 25C, a proper summer's day and everyone seems to be having a BBQ - it might be their only chance with our weather! Love the Christmas fabrics but can't think about that just yet.

  6. Snow! How depressing. Hope your weather clears up soon.

  7. Snow!! You may never get your summer tan.... Love the look of that yummy Fruitcake and fat free too!!

  8. I think everyone is getting weird weather this year.
    Our flood was the first in over 100 years.
    The new fabric is beautiful.


  9. Hi Natalia,

    What lovely fabric...shame the Aussie dollar has taken a nosedive :D
    Its nice and sunny here, even though winter is less than 2 weeks away. We don't get to see much snow here "sigh"

    Hugs, Sharon

  10. Ah man, I am coming home to Utah in a week for my sister's wedding and the last thing I want to pack is coats for all my kids. Thanks for the heads up :)

  11. my birthday is may 14th and i remember once when i was a kid it snowed for my birthday party! I miss SLC but not the crazy spring weather!!
    you watch it will be 90 degrees in a couple of weeks!

  12. wOw that is late for snow!

    In 1977 we had a 90 degree Saturday followed by a snowy Mother's day... that is the latest I have ever seen snow here...


    And they say the ash from that huge volcano will probably cool us off even more!

    Stay warm! hehe

  13. We didn't get snow yesterday because we're a bit lower in elevation than you, but it is snowing here today (May 24th) -- *rolls eyes*. Utah. Lol.


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