I needed a break!

This summer has been crazy busy for me! Which is good, I'm not complaining.
However, I basically spur of the moment decided I needed a break from it all.
My daughter and I joined a bunch of family and friends and took a vacation.
I took my computer and camera and had big plans to update the blog while I was gone.... however doing not much of anything took over. I only turned my computer on one time and I'm feeling like it was a good idea!
I'm back and I feel rejuvenated.
Ready to get back to it all!
I'll be back tomorrow with quilts!

Can you guess, by looking at the picture above, where I spent the week?

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  1. Oh I am terrible. Yellowstone? And I totally understand needing a break. And where did summer go?????

  2. Summer !~! Was that what that one warm week was ?~! I spent the night before my 25th birthday in a cabin overlooking Old Faithful-an amazing place-Yellowstone.

  3. Awww I was gonna guess yellowstone too!

  4. Glad you got a much needed break! Welcome back :)

  5. Yellowstone!! :-) Please tell me you guys weren't the ones that hit that bear cub. :-/

  6. Welcome back! Looks like you enjoyed Yellowstone.


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