Beautiful Winter Photos

This morning when I woke up I looked out the window at this beautiful scene. So, I must share the beauty with you. Now don't forget I am not a snow person, in fact I'd rater be setting on the beach in Hawaii right now but since I'm not I'll stay inside and pretend that the snow is warm:)

The picture above is out my kitchen window. That's how close we are to Deer Creek Resivor.

This shot is looking out my office window. Our neighbor is growing a pine tree forrest, for fun, except for the deer eating all of our plants I think it's rather pretty!
Right behind the lake there is a beautiful mountain called Timpanogas.  It's extremely breath taking from here.

There is a legend behind this mountain that I thought I'd share. This is a love story of Timpanac and Ucanogos, a young American Indian couple who fall in love despite the disapproval of the maiden's tribe.
Together they face persecution, emotional and physical challenges and ultimately death. The legend of the young couple is one that has been told for hundreds of years, and is the myth and lore behind one of Utah's highest peaks, Mount Timpanogos. There are various versions of the lore. After the brave Timpanac was killed climbing the mountain the Indian maid Ucanogos was so heart broken she laid down and died there forming what is said to be her shape and profile there on the mountain range. If you look from left to right in the picture above you can see her profile there
I have to tell you that this is mountain is the second highest mountain in the Wasatch Mountain Range. It's elevation is 11,749' above sea level and I can say that I have hiked to the top, once, that was enough! If you are ever in UT and get the chance to do so I would recommend it, its gorgeous from there!

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  1. The front side of Mt. Timpanogos has been framed in my living room window for the past 21 1/2 years. How I love that beautiful mountain! I climbed it in the 1990's, I'd love to do it again. (don't know if my knees could handle it anymore)

  2. Great post! And I can see her in the mountain...TOO COOL!

  3. Beautiful photos. I've been to the top of Timp one time, too!

  4. wow that's a cool story about the mountain I didn't see it at first then tilted my head before you said to look at it that way. Beautiful pictures!

  5. I love the views in this valley! Thanks for sharing the story - I hadn't heard it.


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