Layer Cake & Jelly Roll quilts.

One of my awesome customers pieced these two quilts using my Good Night Monkey Boy tutorial. I am so honored that she made these with my tutorial and then had me quilt them!

The one above she made using a Glace layer cake and a Wheat Flour jelly roll.

This one she used a Simple Abundance layer cake and a Wheat Flour jelly roll.
She used fleece for the backing. This was the first time that I quilted with fleece for backing material and I have to tell you that I was quite impressed. I really like how it turned out. It gave the quilting a cool dimension, so I just had to share!

 What's your opinion? Have you ever quilted with fleece for the backing?

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  1. That looks great, and would be perfect for couch/baby quilts! I never would have attempted it, I would have thought that the fleece would shift and you'd get wrinkles...tell us how it works!

  2. this looks so great. i love the quilting on the fleece. i had just only heard of doing this once before, this week actually, but i am impressed.

  3. It looks beautiful - my question is did she use batting as well as the fleece backing?

  4. Kate, yes, I did use batting as well as the fleece. I have actually quilted once before with just fleece and the quilt top and I hated the end result. The batting made a world of difference. :)

  5. they look great! the quilting on fleece is beautiful.

  6. That looks great on the fleece - and your pattern is adorable and quick! I've quilted on Corduroy that was fun, but now I wan to try fleece too :)


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