Christmas Projects!

I had a very busy yet very productive weekend! I spent Saturday, finishing piecing a quilt, machine quilted two quilts then assisted Kathleen in making 6 advent calendars and chex mix. I was completely exhausted by time I went to bed but it felt so nice to have finished so much work!

I designed, pieced and quilted this quilt for my niece using Authentic materials. Our family has 30 grandchildren and one great grand child (and more on the way) so the kids draw names. My daughter had one of her girl cousins so I made this quilt for her. I think it turned out really cute. 

This was at the Christmas party. I think that she liked the quilt!

Kathleen was inspired by this tutorial over @ Ucreate, we changed a little bit and had a friend cut al of the letters and lines out with her circut. Kathleen couldn't just settle making one of these, so we made six! I think that next year they will be a really fun advent calendar.
Now, just a few more days until Christmas. I am ready.... I think, I still need to purchase a few gifts but I'm feeling much more prepared.
How was your weekend? Are you ready for Christmas?

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  1. Wow, and I thought my husband's family was big since he has 29 first cousins! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I love this quilt too.

  2. Such a lucky niece! I'm sure she will love it for years to come!

  3. That quilt is Darling! I love that authentic line. I need to get some.

  4. I just discovered your blog with the moda bake shop entry. I love it. Keep up the fun.

  5. Cute quilt! She will love it for a long time. And the bingo/advent - really fun!

  6. I am a lucky niece! i realy like it! It is way cute! Thanks!

  7. Love those colors - such a simple but beautiful quilt!


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