Bloom by Thimble Blossoms

I've quilted this quilt several times and I wanted to be able to share most of them together. Then I noticed over on Camille's blog that she had posted almost the same post but with a different one of her patterns. I have to agree with her that it is so much fun to see the same quilt but with each persons take on it. So here are a few 'Bloom' quilts. That I have machine quilted.


I actually helped piece the one above. We wanted it big enough for a bed so we used a whole jelly roll.

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  1. I love your quilts, the colors are great...something else to add to my "wanna do list"! I also really enjoy browsing your site. You reach so many quilters that I have a challange for you. It is a Pay it Forward challange. If you would like to participate all you have to do is visit my site and leave a comment that you would like to take up the challange. Just go to www.dmmitchell.blogspot.com. This is missd's Quilty Pleasures and I will send 3 small homemade gifts to each of 3 people who, in turn will copy the PIF logo from my site and send out their own challange! It is a lot of fun and there are several PIF challanges going around, so I hope you choose going! You have a year to make your gifts and send them out to the unsuspecting recepients, but I don't know anyone who actually took a year.
    Peace and Prayers

  2. It helps me so much to see quilts in other fabrics. I get stuck on what is on the pattern cover. I have some leftover Glace' strips.....hmmmmm. Thanks!

  3. Oh they are gorgeous as usual!! The fabrics are beautiful too love the colors... It's very nice and even helpful sometimes to see different fabric for the same pattern to give
    you an idea of what route to take...

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work with us...

    Have great week!


  4. Do u have a pattern for this lovely quilt? It looks very pretty.

  5. I like all the versions. What a fun design.

  6. what a cute quilt pattern! great job on the quilting. :)

  7. WOW ! Such beautiful variations on the same theme !!!

    P.S. thanks for visiting me on my blog and I can't wait for the Homespun Holiday Show N Tell .... guess I better get busy and finish some stuff to show n tell !!!

  8. Love seeing all the variety and creativity! Thanks for putting them all in one spot :)

  9. How fun is that?! Love that pattern in all its variations!


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