Darling Reindeer Quilt

I machine quilted this darling reindeer quilt yesterday. I think it's so darling. My picture doesn't show it really well but she hand embroidered each of the reindeer names in the blocks, each one including Rudolph! So cute!  This quilt reminds me, have you heard about the "Home Spun Holiday Show N' Tell"? Click on the image to read all about it and spread the word! :)


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  1. Do you use a different color for each piece of fabric when you are quilting, or does it just look like that in the pic? I will be quilting a baby quilt with red and blues. I canʻt decide if I should use one or the other, or both (which would mess up the backing)....or if I should just use a neutral color throughout. It looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Sew fun! I love the variety of colors :)


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