Fabric Star

I can't claim this project as my own but I am sharing it because I LOVE it!! My friend made this darling little star using fabric. I haven't dared take it apart to figure out how she made it because I'm afraid I won't be able to get it back together as perfectly!

I haven't seen her again since but when I do I am going to figure out how to make these!

I had to share the front and the back, don't you think it would be so cut to make a whole bunch of these and decorate your whole Christmas tree with these?
So, in the meantime, if you have any idea how to make these little stars, it measures about 4" across, I would love to know:)
This is my first entry in my Home Spun Holiday Show N' Tell!

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  1. What a great presentation. What are you going to use these for?

  2. They are adorable.

    I gave Fat Quarter Trees to my friends on Wed.


  3. adorable! it looked like a fat quarter set, but I guess maybe not, if it's just 4" across.

  4. What a cute way to do up fabric for a gift! I'd love to know how it went together if you figure it out! :0)

  5. OOOoohhhh !!!! What a fun present !!!! That would DEFINATELY be great on the tree ..... and alot of them would even be better !!!

    P.S. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comments !

  6. I was in a quilt shop one day when they were doing that. I think they are just triangles put together. Maybe I am wrong. Oragmi?

  7. So cute! What a great gift idea. I love your blog. thanks for hosting the Home Spun Holiday Show and Tell. Happy Holidays!

  8. It reminds me of a puzzle and I love puzzles. Good luck solving it.

  9. I love seeing my project in print! Hahahah I can show you how they are made anytime.


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