Simply Authentic Quilt Tutorial

By: Natalia Bonner & Whitnee North of Piece N Quilt.
Finished quilt size 80"x90"
Materials needed:
2 yards black Authentic materials (we used 5 different prints.)
2 yards green Authentic material (we used 3 different prints.)
2 yards ivory Authentic material (we used 4 different prints.)
1 yard jumbo white ric rac.
1 yard black Authentic material for binding.
6 yards Bella Solids Natural for backing.
Cut the material into 3", 6" and 9" strips. Make sure that you cut two of each strip as you will sew them together end to end to get the 80" width.
Sew your strips together end to end the arrange them in a pattern like the image above. Now sew all of the strips together to create the quilt top.
Using our starch applique tutorial applique a large letter onto the black print.
For the letter template we just printed a large letter from Microsoft Word.
The background circle is 14" inches. Large dinner plates work great for a template.
Use your white ric-rac. Attach the ric rac to the back of the monogram.
Pin the ric rac to the back of the monogram the using a blanket stitch on the top stitch the ric rac to the monogram.
Finished monogram should look like this.
Applique the monogram to the lower right area of the quilt top.
Quilt, bind and enjoy!
*This quilt is shown on a queen size bed.

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  1. That is adorable and timeless. Love it.

  2. It all came out so great. I really love the large rick-rack.

  3. love it, such an easy project and the monogram is such a nice personal touch :)

  4. Very Cute idea and a simple quilt.

  5. I love it! I will have to try that! It looks really simple too! I have never appliqued before though so it will be interesting!

  6. THAT is perfection!! OOo - I just love it so much! When can you make me one? ;-)

  7. What an awesome, easy quilt! Thanks!

  8. Great tutorial...Thanks for sharing it!

  9. I love this one! Simple and still beautiful!

  10. just lovely...thanks for sharing

  11. Love the colors - the quilt is so simple, and yet so striking - bravo!

  12. That's fabulous! I love the monogram. Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

  13. Very cute and easy quilt, I love this line of fabric...I wish it was easier to find!

  14. so simple.. but so pretty!!! i really like this!

  15. Thanks for a great tutorial! I can't wait to get started.

  16. Natalia-
    I am almost done with this quilt! YEAH! I am wondering did you put the monogram on before or after you quilted it?

  17. FABULOUS!!!! I love quilting and quilters - always willig to share!

  18. I want to make this quilt, but as I'm not an experienced quilter I have a question. You say 2 yards material. Is that 2 yards per each of the 12 individual colors?

    1. Marilyn, it's 2 yards total of each of the colors.

  19. Love this quilt, but I have a question.
    How many total 80 inch stripes do you cut of each size? I know you have to cut double of each size to sew together to make the 80 inches.
    Thank you.

  20. I too would like more speciifics on the strips how many of each size and each color? Not sue I will get response. Karendeadrick@yahoo.com


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