Let Me Sew

My friend who sent me this poem also sent this one today! I love it!

 LET ME SEW (sung to Let it Snow)

 Oh the weather outside is frightful
 But my fabric is so delightful
 I wish I'd no place to go
 Let me sew! Let me sew! Let me sew!

 My kitchen floor sure needs mopping
 But I've bought some beads for topping
 I should finish my UFO
 Let me sew! Let me sew! Let me sew!

 When I finally take a seat
 How I'll hate going out in my home
 My family'll want to eat
 So leftovers they can rewarm

 The stitches are finally flying
 And the seams are flatly lying
 If they really do love me so
 They'll let me sew! Let me sew! Let me sew!

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  1. I think I have a new song 'stuck in my head' while I'm sewing- "Let me sew , let me sew, let me sew"...VERY catchy! Loved it!

  2. i love it. I need to print it off and put it in my sewing room


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