{Creative Guest} Amy Ellis

A little bit about me - My name is Amy, I am a wife and mom first, but I LOVE to quilt and play with fabric whenever I have a chance! I've been blogging for a year and a half over here, and hope to inspire quilters to dig into their fabrics and make something beautiful.

The beginning~
I learned to sew garments as a girl. My mom is left handed and didn't want to teach me "backwards" (I'm right handed) so she found the local 4-H group and enrolled me in the program. I worked with the ladies there sewing clothing for myself, learning the ins and outs of selecting patterns and fabric. Looking back I made myself some funky clothes, but they were well made. I think the most challenging outfit was a fully lined vest, with matching yoked culottes when I was 12 - glad I don't have a picture of those at the moment! I learned all the rules of proper garment sewing - some I abide by still, others I don't, but it's good to know that I can :)

Quilting Beginning~
Shortly after Ella (now 9) was born, I got a little Janome Jem for my birthday present. I had gone to college without a sewing machine, and entering motherhood I was itching to create in fabric again. I found a couple of books on quilting and read up on the basics of quilting - how hard could it be, I sew clothing right!? The book I had was written by a couple of very traditional quilters - lots of rules, and quirky ways of doing things. I put together a few projects here and there, making it work for me the best I could!
Toward the end of my 4th pregnancy, three years ago, I discovered a bit of my own design sense and pre-cut fabrics! Along with a need to create to find my sanity midst the busy, busy days as a mom of 4. Then, I discovered blogland, soaked up lots of information and inspiration, and within weeks started my own blog. Since then my quilting journey has been chronicled, along with many family moments there on my blog! I'm pleased to look back and realize how far I have come as a quilter in a relatively short time!
I believe anyone can create beauty. We all choose different fabrics, styles, and patterns, BUT each quilt is created with love - making it beautiful! I hope that you are inspired to create what you dream of in fabric, you never know what can happen when you dream big!

~Thank  you for sharing your story Amy! I love to learn about others! You do amazing work with your quilts, bags and your creativity in general. I feel so fortunate that I met you through your blog, you've inspired me!

If you know someone that would be a great guest blogger please e-mail me! Also head over to Sew What! You can meet Girl Sam. She is another awesome sewer and I really enjoyed reading about her!

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  1. Thanks for being a guest blogger today Amy! You are so inspiring. It's amazing how many quilters got their start in making clothing. Maybe someday I will really try clothing! :)

  2. I was in sewing 4-H, too! I did that for 4 summers. I didn't know you've only been quilting for a few years; your work is wonderful.


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