More Christmas Gifts

Whitnee pieced both of these quilts as Christmas gifts this year. She, like I didn't want to share any pictures before Christmas.

This first quilt is a denim quilt that she made for her husband using his old jeans. I love how it turned out, I love the N that she appliqued. I machine quilted it for her and Kathleen did the binding. Tutorial to come soon!

This quilt Whitnee pieced for her sister-in-law who is 16yrs old. She really wanted to give something from the heart so she designed and pieced this quilt for her using Authentic materials. I also machine quilted  it and Kathleen did the binding. Tutorial to come soon also!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. I was able to spend 4 days straight with my husband. (That never happens.) It was great, we played a lot of games, enjoyed each others company and I worked on my next MBS quilt while he took care of our daughter and cleaned out our closet! It was great!
I am so excited now to start off this new year. I have so many new goals and hopes for the new year. I hope that  you do also!

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  1. Wow, that denim quilt is stunning! I would definitely not be able to quilt a denim quilt by myself! It's so awesome!

  2. i am really liking the striped quilts lately. And the monogram with the ricrac trim is adorable! Vive le ricrac!

  3. The denim quilt may be my new favorite thing! It was awesome to be able to just tare all my fabric, and not have to line anything up! Best of all, my hsuband LOVES it!

  4. I love the denim quilt. What a great idea!


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