Frolicing Baby Quilt - Tutorial

 Frolicing Baby Quilt by Kathleen and Natalia from Piece N Quilt.

Materials needed
Start by trimming your panel. 
 You will trim away all of the cream material. Panel should look like the image below.
 Now from your bark material you will cut a 1" border. 
 Add the border to the panel.
With 1/4" seam allowances this border will finish at 1/2"
Now from your grass material you will cut a 4 1/2" strip. Add that strip to the bottom of the panel, as shown in the image above.
Now from your sky material you will add a 4 1/2" border to three sides of the panel. As shown in the image above.
Now take the flower material that you trimmed away from the panel and sew it together end to end to create a border for the right side of the quilt. As shown in the image above.
Cut 2, 2 1/2" ivory strips.
Add those strips to both sides of the panel strip.
Now add that piece to the right side of the quilt. As shown in the image above.
Now add a final 2 1/2" border.

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  1. Cute! I just love the asymmetric stripe up the right hand side!

  2. How pretty ! and I just got some of that blue for Sophie's quilt !!

  3. So if I make one of these, will you quilt it exactly like this for me?? :)))))

  4. I love this! Do you think it would be okay for a baby boy?

  5. I love this fabric and just ordered your kit. How much fabric for the backing do I need? Thanks!


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