Teaching Starch Appliqe, my method.

Last Thursday I taught my starch applique technique at a local quilt guild. 
My friend Cat took some pics of me. I'm pretty sure I'm a pro at looking dumb in pictures. :) Oh well, I'll give you a good laugh! 
It was a long day... So my hair didn't even get done.. Oh well, that's life when you're a working mom. :)
(Don't mind my eyes, I know they look like I'm on drugs.... I really wasn't.)
Okay, on a more serious note. It did go well and I really enjoyed sharing my starch applique technique, you can learn more about it here
Hope your Monday is off to a good start. I've got some great news to share later this week and my brother is marrying a super cute girl this week and Chesney gets to be a flower girl so I'm super excited for the week!

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  1. Maybe it wasn't entirely you :) Chesney will be an adorable flower girl!! Can't wait to hear the rest!

  2. Ha ha, you crack me up. Thanks for sharing the pics anyway, it's always fun to what other bloggers look like. I think it makes the blog much more interesting when we get a chance to see the women behind the quilts :-)


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