Talkin' Tuesdays- answering a few questions!

Since tonight is our first official Talkin' Tuesdays I will answer a few questions before we get started.
1- Tonight's password will be Piecenquilt
2- Follow this link and then use piecenquilt as your password. (You are welcome to log in now and get a feel for the chat, I won't be on until 8:00pm MST) Please change the guest name to your name.
3- This will be a two hour chat, come and go as you'd please, about sewing, quilting, and fabrics. 
4- I will be the host and will be asking a few questions during the chat.
5- At the end of the chat I will be giving away a Fruitcake Layer Cake.
6- Please ask if you have any additional questions before we get started.
7- If you have anything you'd like to discuss please leave a comment!
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  1. that was easy! Hopefully I can tune in tonight!

  2. I tend to be sitting on my rear working on projects at night;) Today I am cleaning out my sewing room, too much, to find the good stuff. So, I am reorganizing and putting the excess fabrics in my basement room. I will save those for charity quilts and other projects.


  3. Out to dinner tonight for my husbands birthday. But I'll try and drop in some Tuesday.

  4. Hi Natalia, I will definitely try to join the chat tonight.

    I am very interested to know the process of being featured at Moda Bake Shop. Do they contact you? Or do you submit your quilts or other projects to them?

    Hope to chat with you tonight!


  5. sounds fun... I hope to catch you! :)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I'm totally excited about this! I hope to catch a bit of the earlier time as well as the evening time. :) I hope one of the questions is about "the magic in the middle".

    irene of Lighted Ice Cubes


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