Rene's Bee Blocks.

I have been sewing today. I made Rene's Bee Blocks for our Putting the Bee in Christmas group! I love the 12 Days of Christmas fabric! Hope that Rene likes them too!
This is my siggy block!
Hope everyone  has fun plans for the weekend. 
We are going to go to a parade and then the local rodeo.

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  1. Your quilt blocks are cute! Love the fabrics :) That parade is local, ya?

  2. I simply LOVE the blocks Natalia, thank you so much.

    Have fun at the parade and rodeo!

  3. ooooohhhh ! more pretties !!! I must go shower after doing yard work so I can make some pretties , too !!! but they won't be as pretty as yours !!! I am hoping to do alot of RIDING this weekend since it's not supposed to rain ...............hope that works out with my husband since he's the pilot !!!

  4. those are really cute blocks!!! absolutely adorable!!!

  5. I love the crisp feel of those! They're sooo pretty!

  6. Blocks are lovely! But my fave is the siggy block!

  7. Natalia...those blocks are drop dead gorgeous! And, the siggy block...how creative are you! Love to see what/how you're quilting...always a pleasure to visit.

  8. I love the siggy block! I'm definitely going to be Flickr-stalking your bee, such cute stuff going on there!


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