My flower girl!

Last week I told  you that my brother married a beautiful girl and my daughter got to be a flower girl at the wedding. I'm finally getting around to sharing some pictures.
 There were actually three flower girls. They all looked so cute in their matching dresses.
Mine is the one on the left.
Chesney was really nervous, she did walk all the way down the aisle but didn't actually throw any flowers and when the got to the front she turned around and ran back to the back. :)
Here is my whole family, in case you were wondering what we all looked like. :)
All of the sisters. Krachel is my older sister, Holly is our new sister, Whitnee and I.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!
I would love to hear!

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  1. My weekend was not as fun as going to a beautiful wedding, but I had a great OB appointment (35 weeks pregnant and counting...) and got curtains sewn and appliqued for the nursery. Now to just finish my toddler's 'big girl bed' quilt before the little one gets here and I'll be all set!

  2. Adorable little girls! And lovely dresses. Thanks for sharing those. I have a granddaughter due in January WHOOP WHOOP! lol! I have several grandsons, I am so excited that we'll have a new baby girl in the family.

  3. Chesney is adorable and her dress is so cute! Beautiful family - thanks for sharing Natalia!

  4. What a good lookin family! And a beautiful background. ;o)

  5. Beautiful photos of you and your family and the girls are just too cute in their dresses. Love the look on your daughter's face, so precious.


  6. You are all adorable/beautiful and it looks like it was a wonderful day for a wedding. I'm working on a little dolly quilt with the fat quarters you sent me,thanks sweetie!! ;)

  7. She is super cute!!! Wish I had something fun to do this weekend. I am sitting here bored and unmotivated

  8. Gorgeous family! And that little Chesney is such a cutie! :)

    Congratulations to your brother!

  9. she is adorable...these are beautiful pictures

  10. What a lovely day! And what a lovely looking group of ladies - big and small! ;-)

  11. SO precious and her dress is beautiful!


  12. OMG your little girl is adorable!! So sweet! And what a gorgeous family and your new sister fits right in...what a beautiful bride!!

  13. How precious - a little mini you!

  14. You wee one is a reflection of you Natalia, girly, delightful and simply breathtaking. Your whole family is a treasure. You are truly blessed in so many ways. May you have many wonderful memories to fill that space in your heart...
    blessings madame samm

  15. What fun, and beautiful pictures! Miss Chesney is too cute :)


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