I told you I've been busy!

If you're not already chatting with me on Facebook or Twitter you're missing out on the fun! If you are you probably already know that the past few days I've been on a roll! In two days I quilted 4 and 1/2 quilts! Wahoo!
Of course I have to share them! 
Love this one made from Freebird fabrics.
Fun baby girl quilt.
Another fun little girl quilt.
Of course my personal favorite!
This one is made using my "Let your imagination bloom" tutorial! YAY!
I quilted it a little differently than I quilted my quilt and I love how this one turned out!

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  1. I just love that first pictured quilt! Such creative imagination is very inspiring! ~karen

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love each one of these quilts! Great job!

  3. I am really enjoying the first one Natalia!

  4. It looks like you have gotten a lot done and made some beautiful quilts. By the time I sat down last night, the chat was over. But at least I got a lot done and my room is almost ready to sew in, again.


  5. Lovely work, so glad my things are in your hands Natalia.

  6. I like the Freebird quilt. I feel encouraged to go ahead with what I have started with the line. I haven't gotten past cutting the fabric because I wasn't sure if I'd like it. This may be my new pattern.

  7. They all look great! I love your blog layout too - feels nice to switch stuff up sometimes :)

  8. I love them all. Each one is unique and stands on its own quality of work. Great job with great fabrics.

  9. Beautiful work! I like the pink and green one the best.

  10. Holy cow -- you are a quilting machine!!!

    awesome work lady. :)

  11. I just read your tutorial on Let Your Imagination Bloom. That is the sweetest quilt. I may have to try it soon.


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